How it works?

Get Papsified in 4 easy steps.

1. Login to the PAPS Customer application and select appropriate car type.
2. Select type of service you desire.
3. Enter the Service destination.
4. Send request to the selected cleaner.

Where can we download the app?

Paps Mobile Carwash APPS are available on the following:

1. For Android Phones, please go to Google Play Store and type “papsmobile carwash” and choose the CUSTOMER APP
2. For iOS Phones , Please go to Apple Store and type “papsmobile carwash” and choose the CUSTOMER APP

Do you provide data for the APP users?

At the moment, we do not provide WIFI Access or Data access for all Customer and Cleaner APPS.
All users are bound to provide their own data under their respective Telco Data Plans.


How to apply as a Car Washer?

You may browse our website and click “Sign Up” and choose Individual Car Washer and create an account. Just Fill up the form and provide the required details.
you may also email us at info@www.papsmobilecarwash.com for general instructions in creating your account

What are the requirements as a Car Washer?

Our company complies with the standard information requirements as mandated by the government authorities. We will be requiring 3 basic information details:

1. Accomplished Car Washer Information Form. ( This will be emailed upon Account information)
2. Professional Driver’s License
3. NBI Clearance (Latest)


How to signup as a Customer?

You may download the Customer application from the  Google Play Store and  iOS Appstore.
After installing go to the signup page and fill up required details. You may also activate your account using your social media accounts like Facebook and Google.

How to get a Car Washer to my place?

Once you have registered your APP, you can start using it and select your vehicle type. Select your desired Carwash Service, then set your location and choose your car washer personnel accordingly. In a few minutes, our Car washer will in your place to pamper you car.


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